Have a Handle on Vehicle Overheating

At Gene Messer Volkswagen, we believe in having a high knowledge of vehicles and basic information about any situation. That includes if your vehicle were to overheat. Now, proper care and maintenance usually prevents this from happening, but it's better to be safe than sorry, so we've put together a guide on vehicles overheating that we'd like to share.

How Do You Know Your Car is Overheating?

  • The check engine light comes…

Come See the 2017 Passat in Lubbock


Here at Gene Messer Volkswagen, people know that the Passat is a vehicle you always check out when you enter our Lubbock showroom. Why is that? Well, for its standout quality and features, of course! The 2017 edition is here and we want you to get a sampling of what you can expect on the new Passat!


Anyone Even You Can Change Their Wiper Fluid

Here at Gene Messer Volkswagen, we offer the benefit of quality service and repair for our drivers in Lubbock, but there are things that all of us are capable of doing, and one is filling up your wiper fluid. It doesn't take much, and you'll be done in no time. Here's how:

  • Open up the hood of your vehicle, and find the washer fluid reservoir, which is the white and transparent container…

Get that Squealing Noise in Your Car Fixed by Identifying the Issue

The last thing you want to hear is a squealing noise or any bad noise when you're driving. Generally, that means something is up. But, you can count on our team here at Gene Messer Volkswagen to help you fix it in our service center. Here's a few of the reasons your vehicle might be making that squealing noise:

  • If it squeals while you turn the steering wheel, it could be low power-steering…

Understand the Dashboard Warning Lights on Your Ride

There are so many things to understand on your vehicle, that keeping track is difficult. But, when you gain that knowledge, you feel better and more connected to your drive. That's what we want to see for all our drivers at Gene Messer Volkswagen, and that's why we've put together a list of a few of the dashboard warning lights you should know.

  • Check engine light: This is the light that looks…

Getting Bumper Stickers off Your Car


Lots of us like to be expressive with our vehicles, especially Volkswagen owners. For some of us that means putting bumper stickers on our cars. But, sometimes we want to take those stickers off; either our candidate lost, or we don't want anyone knowing we supported the other guy. Whatever it might be, here are some tips for removing bumper stickers from your car.



You Never Know When You May Need to Follow These Winter Driving Tips


Here in Lubbock, we know the last thing on our minds this winter is snow, because around these parts it's a rarity. But, that doesn't mean having the knowledge of what to do to keep your vehicle prepared in wintery weather is not needed. We all should be prepared for anything, which is why we have these tips for keeping your vehicle up to par for winter, just in case.


Volkswagen Atlas Coming to Lubbock in 2018


At Gene Messer Volkswagen, we have a diverse lineup of vehicles here in our showroom, and come the 2018 model year, it's going to be even more diverse. That's because a new SUV is slated to come to Lubbock, and it's called the Volkswagen Atlas. We have a few details on what you can expect on this vehicle, as we get the hype train rolling early.


Unique Ways to Add Mess Free Food and Drink Storage in Your Car


Regardless of how versatile our vehicles are, and believe us, there's plenty of versatility in the Volkswagen lineup, we all always searching for more, with unique things you won't find in your vehicle. For example, finding the best way to optimize clean food and drink storage solutions for easy use in your vehicle without making a mess.


The Penny Test Helps You Determine Tire Tread


When it comes to car care, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you have a smooth ride in your Volkswagen. Tires with the right amount of tread give you that, and there's a way that anyone can check whether or not you need to replace your current set, or you are good to go, using the penny test.