Driving Modes Provide You with Efficient Options on the Volkswagen e-Golf


Here at Gene Messer Volkswagen, the Golf lineup has plenty of options, and among the most efficient available is the Volkswagen e-Golf, which of course is an electric vehicle that takes all the excitement of the Golf to provide a highly-efficient and eco-friendly drive. These driving modes and features that are available help you optimize how efficient you can be, and we're here to tell many Lubbock drivers the steps they can take.



Volkswagen Helps in Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts


Here in Texas, our area has been hit hard, especially around Houston with Hurricane Harvey. While recovery efforts are underway, we all know there's a long way to go and that's why all of us here at Gene Messer Volkswagen encourage people to follow Volkswagen's example and help in any way they can.



Volkswagen Says Microbus Returning as Electric Van in 2022


One question that we often get asked here at Gene Messer Volkswagen is when we believe the Microbus, an iconic Volkswagen staple of the 1960s will ever make a comeback. Over the years VW as teased the Microbus in various forms and concepts, but now, they've announced news of a modern relaunch, slated for a few years from now.



Volkswagen Passat GT Coming Soon to Lubbock


With the Volkswagen Passat, drivers in Lubbock are able to get a quality sedan that provides them with a finely-tuned and standout driving experience that they can count on. It's been a popular vehicle in our showroom, and across the country because of this, and the many different features onboard. Now, people can get ready for a new sleeker and sportier edition, as the Passat GT is set for showrooms soon.



2018 Volkswagen Tiguan to Feature New Engine

When it's released to dealerships this summer, the all-new 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan will be powered by the most advanced version of Volkswagen's EA888 four-cylinder engine to date. This innovative update will deliver improved power, efficiency and responsiveness to the turbocharged and direct-injected four-cylinder engine.

Making its debut in the Tiguan SUV, this 2.0-liter TSI® engine uses a variable valve timing system to optimize fuel economy and performance. When the vehicle is idling…