Getting Bumper Stickers off Your Car

December 6th, 2016 by

2017 Golf

Lots of us like to be expressive with our vehicles, especially Volkswagen owners. For some of us that means putting bumper stickers on our cars. But, sometimes we want to take those stickers off; either our candidate lost, or we don’t want anyone knowing we supported the other guy. Whatever it might be, here are some tips for removing bumper stickers from your car.

  • With a sticker on a bumper, wash the surface where the sticker is located
  • Use a hair dryer on the hot setting to soften the adhesive, working from the center outward toward the edges
  • Take a clastic card, and at an angle on the edge, gently scrape the sticker loose using a sawing motion if necessary
  • If the sticker is not coming off right away, go back to using the hair dryer to further soften it up
  • Once you’ve removed the sticker, wash the surface again, and use the heat from the hair dryer to get off any residue
  • You can also use some bug and tar remover to help get off the rest
  • With some detailing spray, cover the area where the sticker was, and use a cotton or microfiber cloth to wipe it off and finish it
  • When trying to take a sticker off the window, you can also use the hair dryer method, but even using a razor blade scraper will work as the glass will be able to withstand it
  • Once you have the sticker off the glass, use some class cleaner to get the rest of the residue off

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