Lubbock Military Deals for Volkswagen

Program Period:
January 4th, 2022 through January 3rd, 2023

1. Program Description:
During the PRogram Period, as set forth above, VWoA will pay a Military, Veterans & First Responders Bonus amount ( the “Program”) as outlined in Section 2 towards the lease or purchase of select new and unused Volkswagen models as outlined below.

2. Eligible Vehicles:
All new, unused Models (excludes Golf R Models).

Bonus Amount:

3. The following customers and their family household members are eligible:
a. Military:
I Active Duty U.S. Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard and Active Reserve)
II U.S. Military Veterans (within 24 months of active duty)
Veteran: Someone who has served in the active military and has been discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable
III U.S. Military Retirees
Retiree: A former member of the military that has served 20 or more years in the military
b. Active First Responders:
Police Officer, Sheriff/Sheriff’s Deputy, Correctional Officer, State Trooper, Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter (career or volunteer), EMT, Paramedics, 911 Dispatcher/Operator

Ineligible Occupations: Retired First Responders, Registered Nurse, Ski Patrol, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Members, Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS), Search and Rescue, Emergency Management Volunteers.

Documents required at time of sale:
1. Completed and signed Military & First Responder Claim Form
2. Customer Proof of eligibility:
Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) – Can be photocopied & submitted for verification
Form DD-214 Veteran Documentation
A state-issued driver’s license or ID Designating the customer as a veteran
Please do not photocopy or submit a US Military ID (also known as a Geneva Convention Identification Card) as proof of eligibility

NOTE: Veterans must provide official documentation that verifies active duty within 24 months. This is commonly verified with LES

First Responder: Department-issued ID

4. Clarifications:

  1. This VWoA Bonus amount may be used in conjunction with other VWoA National programs (Lease/APR/Dealer Cash).
  2. Volkswagen Fleet Incentive (“VFI”) and VWoA Fleet Customers are excluded from this program and are not combinable.
  3. Dealer Employee Purchase Program (DEPP), Friends & Family Program, Partner Purchase Program, Contractor Program,and future loyalty/conquest programs are combinable with this Program.
  4. Vehicles enrolled in the VW Customer Mobility Program and sold as KOS 6 or KOS 9 are eligible for this VWoA Bonus.

Eligible Vehicles

Bonus Amount

NOTE: Veterans must provide official documentation that verifies active duty within 24

months. This is commonly verified with LES

  1. This VWoA Bonus is only applicable to one bonus amount per VIN
  2. Military, Veterans & First Responder customers are eligible to purchase/lease up to two (2) Volkswagen vehicles per yearthrough this program

5. Program Administration:
a. All eligible Volkswagen models must have a retail sale date within the Program Period to qualify.

i) NEW PROCESS: In order to submit a claim for this program, the sale must be reported in OMD Web.

  1. Reported date must be within the same sales month.
  2. Only sales reported as kind-of-sale types “0” (and eligible KOS “6” or “9”) to a retail end user are eligible. All normalregistration audit rules shall apply.
  3. Only Military and First Responders listed in 3a & 3b, and family members that reside in the same household as theMilitary/First Responder personnel are eligible for the VWoA Bonus. If the purchaser is not in the military or a first responder, the dealer must validate that the purchaser is a family member who resides within the same household through a government document, utility bill, or mortgage/lease agreement (“Proof of Residency Documentation”)

Upon lease or purchase of an eligible VIN by an eligible customer, the dealer must perform the following actions:

  1. The dealer must itemize the Military & First Responders incentive separately from all other applicable incentives on thesales agreement.
  2. The customer must submit a copy of Proof of eligibility to the dealer and complete and sign the Military & FirstResponder Claim Form (attached) acknowledging they have received the full benefit of the program incentive.Note: Please do not collect or submit a customer’s sensitive personally identifiable information as proof of eligibility (i.e. Military ID, SSN, Passport, Alien Registration, and/or Financial Account numbers)


  3. The dealer must submit the following documentation in the incentive claim portal.
    1. i)  Signed Military & First Responder Claim Form
    2. ii)  Proof of Eligibility
    3. iii)  If applicable, Proof of Residency
    4. iv)  NEW PROCESS: Documentation must be submitted via the new VW Incentive Claims Portal found on VW Hub – All Apps, under “New Sales”. The VW Incentive Claims Portal will be available for eligible claims beginning with reported sale dates of 02/01/2020. All sales prior to 2/1/2020 will need to use the previous email submission method. As a claim is created, the application prompts the user for the required documentation for submission. Documentation should be submitted in .pdf, .jpeg, .png,or .tif format.
  4. All claim forms and supporting documentation must be received no later than ninety (90) days after the end of each salesperiod.

6. NEW PROCESS: Post-Claim Submission:
Once the claim has been submitted, the dealer can do the following:

  1. Check the status of the claim, including approvals, resubmissions, and payment status via the Claims Dashboard.
  2. Resubmit the claim if prompted by the Incentive Help Desk.
  3. Withdraw (void) claim.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check your work list, i.e., “My Claims” periodically for claims that may need to be resubmitted. Information for claims submitted through this portal will not be available on the Claims Verification Report published in My Dealership Reports and Publications.

Audit: Submission of the new vehicle sale agreement (Lease Contract or Buyer’s Order) is optional; however, VWoA may request/require the agreement at any time for validation. VWoA has the right to audit a dealership and to disqualify a transaction if it is not eligible under the terms of this Program.

7. Final Decision/Amendments/Standard Provisions: VWoA’s decisions are final in all matters relating to incentive programs. VWoA has the right to amend or cancel any incentive program at any time for any reason. See “2020 Standard Incentive Program Provisions” published separately for additional eligibility requirement.

New Vehicles

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Lubbock Military Deals for Volkswagen

lubbock military deals for volkswagen

Gene Messer Volkswagen acknowledges those who are currently serving or have served in our military. Service members and their families have to make sacrifices that many of us will never have to encounter, so we offer Volkswagen military deals to drivers in the Lubbock area to show our appreciation to those who protect and serve our country. Contact us today to learn more.

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